Dear readers,

I started this blog as a literary documentary of the life and struggle of a married African woman. Many of these experiences will be my own, but many still will be tales of other women from which we can all learn. If you are here because you fit the profile, then you know that the first rule of the secret society that is marriage is secrecy. A good married woman keeps the affairs of her household to herself, no matter how ugly. How many times have you been through something and wished you could talk about it but you can’t because married women just don’t do that? How many times have you had to fake the happy picture in public because “you mustn’t air your dirty laundry”? How often have you been advised to grin and bear it? I think it’s time to open the dialogue, don’t you? This is a safe space for us to talk about our experiences. Email us if you’ve got a story that you would like to share. I want to tell your story and, hopefully, create a reference point for future African brides and wives.


Tunawakilisha (Together, We stand).



Married African Female.